Benjamin, Lena, Abby and Isaac

The Morrisons

Benjamin took his first trip to Ukraine in 2001 with Calvary Chapel Bible College of Indianapolis (CCBCI). During that first summer, God laid a burden and calling on Benjamin’s life to share the gospel of grace with the people of Ukraine. After graduating Bible college (Th.A.), he moved to Ukraine in January of 2002. Benjamin served as youth pastor at Calvary Chapel of Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine for over three years. During this time he and Lena were married (Sept. 2003).

God gradually began laying a burden on their hearts to start a new work where there was no grace-teaching church. In March 2005, Jesus confirmed His call for them to move to Svitlovodsk, Lena’s home town of 50,000. They began a Bible study in their apartment that June. Since then Jesus has been faithful to grow His church and to change lives by the power of His grace. The church continues to grow and reach out to the community with the gospel.

In September of 2006, the Morrisons were blessed with their first child, Abigail. In February of 2009, their first son Isaac was born.

Benjamin also received his bachelor’s in theology (B.Th.) from Calvary Chapel Bible College Europe (CCBCE). He is the coordinator for City to City Ukraine and often speaks at various conferences. If you’d like to invite Benjamin as a speaker, please contact us.

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Levi, Nastya, Nora and Meika

The Brinkerhoffs

Levi moved to Ukraine with his parents in June, 2005. He served in CC of Poltava, Ukraine on the worship team for two years. It was in Poltava that the Lord really took hold of his heart and began to change his life by the gospel of grace. In August, 2007, Levi moved with his family from Poltava to Kharkov. In the CC there, he served on the worship team and as the youth pastor. During this time in Kharkov, the Lord began to grow a deeper desire in Levi’s heart to disciple others. In September of 2007, Nastya moved from her hometown of Dnepropetrovsk to serve in CC Kharkov. Levi and Nastya were married in May, 2009. During the time of their engagement, the Lord began to show them that He wanted to move them to the next step in ministry. In May, 2009, God called Levi and Nastya to serve with CC Svitlovodsk, where Levi now serves as assistant pastor and worship leader. Their first child, Nora, was born in May of 2015, and Meika was born in May of 2017.

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